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Are You a Family Caregiver? You Deserve a Break!


Have you ever experienced a stressful day at work or a hell week in school? Sure, you do! And in these cases, a break is what you need. Now, imagine dealing with these stressful moments without enough rest due to the demands of work. It is what family caregivers feel.

When a family member reaches a stage in life where independence is lost, their loved ones often look within. Appointing a caregiver within the family is the first resort. Due to inexperience and lack of training, they struggle in providing in-home senior care to their loved ones. Sometimes, they even forget about their needs as they prioritize their loved one’s over theirs. If you see the family caregiver overwhelmed with the duties of caring, respite care is the best way to go. It benefits both the caregiver and the recipient of care.

If a family caregiver is given time for himself, better quality care is expected when they resume their duty. It clears their head, reenergizes their body, and boosts their heart to care. Seniors, being the recipient of care, also benefits from respite. The caregivers sent to provide in-home care service in San Antonio, Texas, are not only reliable but also trained well. You can expect that they have a system of doing things, and know a senior’s needs, like how a mother understands what her baby needs when crying.

Give the family caregiver a break they deserve by reaching In Home Senior Care. We are a home care agency in Texas that cares for your loved ones like our own. Talk to us.

Developing a Holistic Care Plan


As we reach old age, changes happen to our bodies and minds. Our physical bodies get weaker, limiting us from doing things independently. Exercises are out of the picture, bathing gets challenging, and shopping for our meals is tough without the assistance of caregivers. Some experience decline in mental abilities, resulting in a poor quality of life. Others, unfortunately, get diseases or suffer from a health condition. With all these possibilities, no one type of senior care fits all aging adults. Thus, an assessment is vital at the onset.

In-Home Senior Care does not develop a care plan without an assessment. As a provider of in-home care service in San Antonio, Texas, we recognize that a senior’s condition, environment, and even preferences differ.

  • Director of Care Management
    As you reach out to us, the director of care management, a free assessment will be conducted. With their experience in tailoring a plan of care for various individuals, you can ensure that your needs are met. Flexibility is guaranteed as well.
  • Environment
    What is your home’s condition? Does it have supportive equipment to assist you at home? Is there enough space for low-impact exercises? These are some of the questions we take note of during the assessment. In-home senior care does involve not only the individual but also his environment as well.
  • You and Your Loved Ones
    Being the recipient of care, we always consider your preferences. During the assessment, we identify the caregiver we send to your home based on your personality, needs, requests, and more. We are a home care agency in Texas that listens to you and your family’s ideas.

If you are ready to have an assessment, call us. We are happy to help.