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In-Home Care Service in San Antonio, Texas

Major Edward PerkinsGreg Perkins (USMC) founded In Home Senior Care after experiencing the loss of his father, the late Major Edward Perkins, USAF Ret. Major Perkins served his country honorably and faithfully in the United States Air Force during WWII fighting his country’s battles as a bomber pilot over Europe and Africa.

Greg’s father was always a very brave, strong, and independent individual. However, the final few years of his life were spent in a nursing home fighting his final battle–Alzheimer’s Disease. During this time, Greg was serving his country thousands of miles away from home and struggled with the fact that his mother could not provide the much-needed assistance she required in caring for his father.

Greg Perkins, OwnerAccording to Greg, “I started In Home Senior Care based on my own experience with my father’s care and seeing firsthand the challenges faced by my mother. Making it easy for others to find help has been important to me. I understand how overwhelming it can be once you reach this place and have to make these kinds of decisions. So we’ve created a simple 3-Step Process that helps you through the decisions you will need to make. I wanted to ensure the peace of mind to millions of others that comes with knowing their loved ones are getting enough to eat, taking their medication, aren’t left unattended, and furthermore, are living with independence and dignity.”

Today, In Home Senior Care focuses on providing the most essential element of a caring relationship–peace of mind. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones are cared for as if they were our own.

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