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The Advantages and Challenges of Choosing In-Home Care


For us seniors, there will come a time when we have to decide whether to age in place or move to some sort of senior care facilities such as nursing homes, assisted living, etc. depending on the circumstances we are in. If we have the choice, the majority of us would unanimously opt to continue living in the comfort of our dear respective homes close to our family and the things we love. But this may be difficult because as we age we might suffer from problems such as mobility and health issues. This would become more challenging if our family members are not able to fully assist us due to their respective responsibilities. This scenario would make us think of moving out and living in a place where we can pay an institution to take care of us. This thought is saddening.

Fortunately, we don’t have to resort to this as home care like the in-home care service in San Antonio, Texas makes it possible for us to receive help with our daily tasks/routine inside our beloved homes. Let’s look at the following benefits we can get from availing of in-home care services as well as the challenges we might encounter.

  • Benefits
    • Retain independence

      One of the things that we don’t like about moving out of our homes to live in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, etc. is the loss of our freedom to do anything we want. But we don’t have to experience this because we can keep our independence when we opt to have home care services. Their home care professionals will come to our homes and we get to continue deciding and doing the things we want and keep our dignity. It’s also easier for us to keep abreast with our social life. This setup like the one in the home care agency in Texas makes it possible for personalized care as well. These will give us better quality and more satisfaction in our life. The home care agency in Texas

    • Cheaper

      Compared to institutional care, in-home senior care is cheaper with enhanced patient results. In a certain research study conducted in 2019, wherein 17 million Medicare hospital admissions were examined from 2010 to 2016 which compared home care to skilled nursing facilities, it was found that home care could give about $4,500 of savings approximately 2 months after hospitalization. The costs even become lesser utilizing technology aids like telemonitoring or telehealth.

  • Challenges
    • Not feasible for more serious frailty

      When we have more special needs, mobility, and health issues that need more medical attention, we need more specialized care which may be a little more difficult to provide if done in our homes. But as a good in-home care provider, our staff will do everything they can to give the best care you need

    • More caregiver role from family members

      Home care needs more caregiver participation from members of the family. This role usually falls to female members of the family who have to do more to organize and manage care to complete the care gaps. In many cases, they may be inadequately skilled to fill this role and in the process feel stressed and anxious.

In Home Senior Care understands our preference as adults to continue living in our homes that is why we make sure that you get the best service for you to enjoy your freedom and have a more satisfying life.

What Are the Services that We Can Avail from Home Care?


As seniors living alone, keeping our homes is more challenging now that we have aged compared to our prime years. It would be very difficult to keep our homes in good order by ourselves. And there are certain personal routine activities that we may have difficulty doing now as well. We need assistance. And if our family members and relatives cannot help us with these needs, we have to source these services from outside. There are many possible ways we can get assistance and one of the best options is through home care such as the in-home care service in San Antonio, Texas. Let’s look at the following samples of services we can avail of in-home care.

  • Chore services

    As we reach our senior years, doing household chores may become physically demanding for us. To save us our precious energy, we can hire the services of home care professionals to do chores like doing the laundry, vacuuming the floor, cleaning the toilet, washing the dishes, and others. These are some of the typical services offered by the home care agency in Texas.

  • Cooking and meal preparation

    Cooking and meal preparation may become very challenging for us as we may be suffering from ailments or disabilities that prevent us from doing this essential task. Each in-home senior care staff is well trained to do this task for us.

  • Grocery shopping

    Going to the supermarket to buy groceries could be burdensome to us seniors because we may be suffering from weakened physical capacities or we may not be able to drive anymore. We can request our home care staff to go grocery shopping for us.

  • Money management

    Seniors like us may have difficulty in making sure that we are updated in paying our bills for electricity, water, gas, and other utilities due to certain health or physical issues we are experiencing. We can ask the in-home care personnel to do these for us.

These are just some of the services we can avail of from home care agencies like In Home Senior Care. There are several other services that we can choose from to satisfy our requirements.